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The results of the poll is 59% of you don’t think big tattoos on bodybuilders are sexy, 21% don’t care one way or the other about the tattoos and 18% think they are sexy.

So once in a while I’ll be posting bodybuilders with large tattoos so we have a little for everyone. To those of you who voted thank you for your input as I want to make my blog enjoyable to everyone.

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Poll will close on Friday Sept 24,2016   Leave a comment

Thank you for those of you who have taken the poll I’m using it to see what type of bodybuilders you are interested in viewing. For those of you who have not voted yet you still have time. Your vote matters as to what content you see in the future

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New Poll let me know what you think of big tats on bodybuilders   1 comment

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Liam Jolley fitness model/ author

liam jolley 14 liam jolley 17 liam jolley 19 liam jolley liam jolley2 liam jolley4 liam jolley7 liamjolley 14 lieam jolley8 CfeL_MkW8AAeIgH fit

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