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Liam Jolley fitness model/ author

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Bast from the Past Jeff Willet

Jeff had some of the biggest arms in his time of being a Natural Bodybuilder


Massive Back


and Tree trunks for legs


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ALL Natural

Some times not shaving makes the muscle stand out better don’t you think

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Idiot punk taken down by guy with arms the size of his legs lol

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Don’t be bashful just ask they love to show off their big guns

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Geoff Begnaud

At the time these photos were taken Geoff was 36 5’10 180 that was three years ago. he has since disappeared from the modeling world as far as I know at 39 he must have went on to other things as an RN

geoff Geoff_Begnaud5 Geoff BEgnaud 3 geoff 4 geoff 3 geoff5 GeoffBegnaud5a



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