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I have always had a fasination about men with muscles. That is why I’ve started this blog, I want everyone of every age to be able to enjoy the photos I’ve found so please don’t expect any adult photos here. Please feel free to comment on what you see just keep it clean and no I don’t always have names for the models that get posted here. If there is a photo that belongs to you and you wish to have it removed please send the following

1. Date of posting

2. Topic Name

These two items will make it faster for me to find them and remove them. Please send request to: sacvalleyphysiques@hotmail.com  I will remove any photos that are requested to be removed as quickly as I can. Please don’t make threats as I believed them to be public and would not put any photos on this site that are not already all over the net.

Posted January 23, 2011 by hotmuscleboys

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you have any more pictures of Tyler (https://hotmuscleboys.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/tyler/#comments). I’d be willing to use whatever pics you have of him to try and trace down some more. 🙂

  2. great blog, Erik rocks. More when you can find them. Thanks

  3. When I click on a month and year, I don;t see any photos. I love what I have seen

  4. Figured it out. Love this site!!!

  5. Buddy – I would love to know who the muscle cop flexing is. Squareshoulders@gmail.com – can you tell me?

  6. how do i contact you about removing photos? no email address is listed on your site.

    • Please let me know the topic name and photos you wish to have removed and I will gladly remove them for you. You can contact me at my business address: sacvalleyphysiques@hotmail.com I do not knowingly post copyrighted photos but some do get past me as they have been cropped by another person. If it’s a whole post let me know and will remove the post. I am sorry if your photos were posted by mistake

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